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  • Software

  • Authors: Ao, Thu Hoài (2016)

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  • Learning Object

  • Authors: Ao, Thu Hoài (2013)

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  • Article

  • Authors: Nguyen, Duc Nhan; L.N. Binh (2008)

  • Abstract Bound solitons generated in actively mode-locked lasers enable new forms of pulse pairs and multiple pairs or groups of solitons in optical transmission or logics. In this paper, we present the generation of stable bound states of multiple solitons in an active mode-locked fiber laser using continuous phase modulation for wideband phase matching. Not only that dual-soliton bound states but also the triple- and quadruple-soliton pulses can be established. Simulation of the generated solitons are demonstrated. We have also prove by simulation that experimental relative phase difference and chirping caused by phase modulation of ...

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  • Article

  • Authors: Nguyen, Duc Nhan; Le, Nguyen Binh (2009)

  • We demonstrate experimental generation of multi-bound solitons of up to sextuple in an active FM Received 16 October 2008 mode-locked fiber ring laser operating under power saturation in the locking state. The ring laser consists Received in revised form 27 February 2009 of two booster optical amplifiers operating in saturation regime, an electro-optic phase modulator driven Accepted 27 February 2009 by a sinusoidal electrical wave and a length of dispersive fiber. The periodic phase modulation generates phase chirp o...