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  • Bai 7-Cao Dung_formated.pdf.jpg
  • Article

  • Authors: Truong, Cao Dung; Tran, Tuan Anh; Le, Trung Thanh; Tran, Duc Han (2013)

  • Multimode interference in optical waveguide is attractive for all optical switching. In this paper, a novel 1x3 all-optical switch based on 3x3 multimode interference (MMI) structures is proposed. Nonlinear directional couplers in two arms of the structure are used as phase shifters. In this study, we use chalcogenide glass on silica for designing the device structure. The switching states of the device can be controlled by adjusting the optical control signals at the phase shifters. The transfer matrix method and beam propagation method (BPM) are used for designing and optimizing the device structure.

  • A_new_extragradient_iteration_algorithm_for_bilevel_variational_inequalities_2012.pdf.jpg
  • Article

  • Authors: Pham, Ngoc Anh (2012)

  • In this paper, we introduce an approximation extragradient iteration method for solving bilevel variational inequalities involving two variational inequalities and we show that these problems can be solved by projection sequences and fixed point techniques. We obtain a strong convergence of three iteration sequences generated by this method in a real Hilbert space.

  • A_new_iterative_scheme_with_nonexpansive_mapping_for_equilibrium_problems_2012.pdf.jpg
  • Article

  • Authors: Pham, Ngoc Anh; Thanh DD (2012)

  • In this paper, we suggest a new iteration scheme for finding a common of the solution set of monotone, Lipschitz-type continuous equilibrium problems and the set of fixed points of a nonexpansive mapping. The scheme is based on both hybrid method and extragradient-type method. We obtain a strong convergence theorem for the sequences generated by these processes in a real Hilbert space. Based on this result, we also get some new and interesting results. The results in this paper generalize, extend, and improve some well-known results in the literature. AMS 2010 Mathe...