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  • opcom282.pdf.jpg
  • Article

  • Authors: Nguyen, Duc Nhan; Le, Nguyen Binh (2009)

  • We demonstrate experimental generation of multi-bound solitons of up to sextuple in an active FM Received 16 October 2008 mode-locked fiber ring laser operating under power saturation in the locking state. The ring laser consists Received in revised form 27 February 2009 of two booster optical amplifiers operating in saturation regime, an electro-optic phase modulator driven Accepted 27 February 2009 by a sinusoidal electrical wave and a length of dispersive fiber. The periodic phase modulation generates phase chirp o...

  • IJ of MSSC.pdf.jpg
  • Article

  • Authors: Le, Khoa Dang; Nguyen, Huu Phuong; Nguyen, Duc Nhan; Le, Nguyen Binh (2010)

  • Ultra-broadband networks are currently attracting significant interests in employing wireless access and optical fiber access to the home and to the building at symbol rate reaching Gb/s. OFDM is a multicarrier modulation technique and considered to offer significant reduction of the data symbol to be carried per carrier channel, especially in ultra-high speed optical communications with bit rate reaching 100 Gb/s or even higher. This paper thus presents a novel and generic OFDM system employing both MATLAB Simulink and FPGA-based development software platform for simulation as well as hard- ware imple...